The Solution

Our coalition will work to find practical solutions to reduce patent system abuse and regulatory manipulation that blocks or delays our access to safe, lower-cost medicines.

This includes working to:

  • Strengthen the policing power of the PTO, the patent system, and the courts to ensure that only true innovation is rewarded by patents and their government-granted monopolies,
  • Oppose efforts by Big Pharma and its allies to roll back IPR and U.S. Supreme Court rulings that make it easier to eliminate invalid, non-innovative patents.
  • Reduce and eliminate the legal and regulatory gamesmanship and chronic, late-stage patenting that stops generic and biosimilar competition in its tracks.

We are pro-innovation. We are not anti-patent.

And we support meaningful regulation of prescription drugs to ensure that patients can receive safe, effective, and affordable medicines through robust competition – something Big Pharma claims to support itself.

Fundamentally, we are fierce advocates for the aspirational goals of the Hatch-Waxman Amendments, the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act, and the America Invents Act:  To balance the value of innovation with price-reducing competition. Unfortunately, patent abuse has tilted this balance away from pro-patient, pro-consumer competition and drug pricing.

We will work to prevent Big Pharma from using anti-consumer legal tricks to extend monopolies at patients’ expense.

Unchecked, patent-system and regulatory gamesmanship have a compounding effect on blocking competition in the market for prescription drugs that keeps drug prices high.

We urge you to join our growing coalition, focused specifically on curbing patent system abuse and regulatory manipulation by Big Pharma that increases drug pricing and prevents access by Americans to affordable medicines.  Work with us to help end these legal shenanigans and make true innovation sustainable for generations to come.