CAPA Applauds Bipartisan Effort to Rein In Big Pharma’s Patent Abuse For Medications

Thanks Senators Cornyn and Blumenthal for introducing legislation to crack down on major drug companies gaming the U.S. patent system to prevent or delay generic alternative medications and life-saving treatments for patients 


WASHINGTON, D.C. –  The Coalition Against Patent Abuse, a diverse coalition of healthcare providers, consumer groups, patient advocacy organizations, free market advocates and others released the following statement today in response to legislation sponsored by U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and John Cornyn (R-TX) to address product-hopping and the creation of patent thickets by Big Pharma to prevent or delay competition from generic drug alternatives.  The following statements are attributable to Mathew Lane, Executive Director of the Coalition Against Patent Abuse.

“CAPA applauds the bipartisan effort by Senators Cornyn and Blumenthal to stop major drug companies from gaming the U.S. patent system to prevent or delay patient access to more affordable prescription medications and life-saving treatments.”

“Every American, whether healthy or sick, is paying the price for Big Pharma’s patent abuse through higher health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs due to increasingly expensive prescription drugs without more affordable generic alternatives.”

“We thank Senators Cornyn and Blumenthal who have been leading on this important issue and for working to shine a long overdue light on Big Pharma’s abuse of America’s patent system.  Our Coalition looks forward to reviewing the bipartisan legislation they have proposed and working together to put an end to Big Pharma’s shameful patent abuse.”

Click here to review the full written testimony from the Coalition Against Patent Abuse before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary this week. 


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About CAPA

The Coalition Against Patent Abuse are healthcare providers, consumer groups, patient advocacy organizations, free market advocates, employers, and others fighting abuses of the patent system that can extend government-granted monopolies that illegitimately keep drug prices high for years, or even decades. Our members include the following groups and organizations: America’s Health Insurance Plans, Association for Accessible Medicines, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing, Citizen Outreach, Consumer Action, Innovation Defense Fund, Institute for Liberty, Kaiser Permanente, Knowledge Ecology International, Lincoln Network, R Street Institute, Society for Patient Centered Orthopedics, and U.S. Public Interest Research Group.