ICYMI: New White Paper Highlights How Patent Thickets Increase Barriers to Entry for Biosimilars, Keeps U.S. Drug Prices High

WASHINGTON D.C. – Matrix Global Advisors (MGA) released a white paper that highlights how patent thickets increase barriers for American patients to access affordable biosimilar medications and treatments.  The paper explains how some biologic manufacturers prevent competition by creating patent walls with “overlapping, weaker” patents to significantly extend their drug’s monopoly and increase profits while limiting access to affordable alternatives for millions of patients in the U.S.

The white paper titled, “How Patent Thickets Constrain the US Biosimilars Market and Domestic Manufacturing” was authored by Alex Brill and Christy Robinson who also shed light on policies that are needed to prevent this blatant abuse of the U.S. patent system by some major pharmaceutical manufacturers to bring drug prices down while encouraging investments in the U.S. biosimilar manufacturing industry. 

“It is no secret that many pharmaceutical companies today utilize loopholes within the patent system to extend their monopolies while expanding their profits.  This white paper adds to a growing body of evidence that suggests lawmakers in Congress act swiftly to reform policies and prevent bad actors from manipulating the patent system.  A key component of this reform should also include strengthening the inter partes review process to ensure that competition isn’t unlawfully stifled.  Patent examiners must have the right incentives to balance innovation with a competitive marketplace to lower drug prices for millions of American patients,” stated CAPA Executive Director Matthew Lane.  

To read the full white paper, click here.