CAPA Commends President Trump for Efforts to Thwart Big Pharma, Increase Generic Drug Competition

President Trump Addressed the Need for Affordable Generic Drugs at the SOTU, Patent Reform is a Critical Component

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Coalition Against Patent Abuse (CAPA) released the following statement regarding the Trump administration’s efforts to tackle rising prescription drug prices caused by big pharmaceutical companies in his 2020 State of the Union address to Congress.

“CAPA commends President Trump on his administration’s effort to expand access to affordable, life-changing medications and treatments. As the administration focuses on approving more generic drugs to increase competition in the marketplace, any substantive plan to lower prescription drug costs for millions of American patients must address the issue of patent abuse by brand-name companies. It’s through this type of multifaceted approach that we can put an end to abusive practices within our patent system that directly contribute to skyrocketing prescription drug prices. We look forward to seeing what progress the administration makes in these efforts and encourage all lawmakers to come together for practical solutions that benefit American patients,” said Matthew Lane, Executive Director of the Coalition Against Patent Abuse.

The issue of patent abuse in our nation’s pharmaceutical industry is beginning to take centerstage, as presidential candidates begin announcing their plans to tackle soaring prescription drug costs. CAPA will continue to monitor this issue closely and encourages lawmakers to find common ground to make prescription drugs more affordable.

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